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If you want expansive, vivid designs on your workwear or clothing, then sublimation printing is a process that delivers extraordinary results.

A relatively new print technology, the process uses special sublimation inks which are then printed onto sublimation paper. The paper is then pressed at high temperatures for an exact time frame for the inks to transfer onto a white garment.

The colour range and designs we can achieve with sublimation printing are endless, whether you want a simple t-shirt or polo shirt design, or intricate workwear.


Sublimation infuses the inks into your garment, so it is permanent. Unlike some other printing processes, your writing or graphics will not begin to fade, crack or peel over time. In other words, it will last for years, giving your company good value for money.

Maybe you have your specific design in mind. But if not, please do speak with us and we can assist and help you create something unique.


Sublimation printing is a speciality process that will not work on all materials. It is limited to polyester fabrics, most commonly available in t-shirts and polo shirts. However, the process will also work with jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies, shorts, hats, leggings and aprons. Please ask us, and we will take you through your options.

New Technology

OKI Transfer Printing

OKI White toner Printers are an affordable solution for printing full colour transfers in house for dark and light substrates using the very latest technology.

Once the transfer paper is printed through the printer the unique white toner creates the base and opacity to show up the colours on dark backgrounds. The transfer paper can then be applied to print on cotton, polyester, mixed fabric, nylon, silk, leather, denim and paper.


DTG Printing

Direct to garment printing is relatively new technology. As the name implies, direct to garment uses ink to print directly onto the fabric or item of your choice. It goes straight into the fibres of the fabric, meaning you don't feel the design or ink when you touch it.

Our Textjet shortee allows us to print up to 60 personalised garments every two hours on cotton based garments, we feel that DTG printing is the future and will eventually take over and supersede traditional screen printing, the screen & digital hybrid mix of the Textjet shortee 2 allows us to be at the forefront of this technology for when this happens.

DTG Printing


Screen printing is a multi-step, skilled technique to transfer designs onto a flat surface or fabric. The process sees ink pressed through a stencilled mesh screen, creating a gorgeous image that can also appear pleasingly tactile.

If you are looking for something a little different, then screen printed promotional products look highly polished and professional. Please speak with our team to find out more about the screen printing process and whether it is suitable for your promotional campaig.


You will mostly see screen printing on fabrics and paper. But, using specialist inks, you can also screen print on to wood, metal, plastic and even glass.

With that in mind, there are promotional products that can look awesome with the screen printing technique. It’s perfect for personalisation and branding - and will produce screen printing promotional products that will be well received.


Screen printing is a skilled process, with multiple steps; it’s certainly more involved than a technique like digital printing. Here are the usual steps, although these may vary according to the desired result:

  • The design is printed on a transparent acetate film
  • A mesh screen is coated with light-reactive emulsion
  • The acetate sheet is laid on the emulsion-coated screen and exposed to bright light, which hardens the emulsion – except for the parts covered by the design, which remains liquid
  • A separate screen must be used for each colour
  • The emulsion liquid is washed off, creating a stencil leaving an exact imprint of the design on the screen for the ink to pass through
  • The dried screen is then placed on the printing press
  • The ink is pressed through the screen on to the desire promotional item
  • The product is dried, checked and finished.

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