Be sustainable with eco-friendly promotional products

Clients and customers love receiving promotional gifts and merchandise. The best products are useful and will be enjoyed over a more extended period, meaning your branding gets plenty of “air-time”.

But it’s no longer enough to be innovative with the range of promotional merchandise you purchase for your business. You must consider the environment, too.

Climate change, environmental responsibility and sustainability are now vital considerations for many people. They go about their business with sustainability in mind - you only have to look at the number of people who now routinely use reusable shopping bags to see that. So, you must consider the environment when offering promotional merchandise.

What is sustainability?

Sustainable products should provide environmental, social and economic benefits. They should protect the public health, welfare and environment from the moment raw materials are extracted until the day the product is thrown away.

They can be made from natural materials, like wood, or from recycled materials such as plastic, paper and aluminium.

What is sustainability?

Hudson Group offers eco-friendly promotional products

Here at Hudson Group, we have a wide range of eco-friendly promotional products and merchandise which will help to demonstrate your company’s corporate social responsibility.

Our range reduces the need for plastic and embraces reusability, recycling and responsible sourcing.

The good news is that new, greener alternatives are available across our entire range, from desk items and pens to bags and food and drink products, meaning your logo and business is associated with sustainability.

One area that has become increasingly popular is eco-friendly bamboo products. We even offer solar-powered bamboo calculators that work brilliantly and look great, too. There are attractive bamboo covered notebooks and pens, even bamboo fibre mugs.

Other products use only FSC-certified wood, including individual USB sticks. Sometimes plastic is unavoidable, but we stock eco-friendly merchandise that is used from recycled materials. We have highlighter pens made from recycled plastic bottles or recycled polystyrene, rulers made from recycled polypropylene, PVC-free erasures and funky desktop garden tubes made from recycled aluminium.

Then there are tyre coasters (coasters made from used tyres), recycled plastic coasters, lanyards and so much more. Just about any promotional merchandise item can be made from sustainable resources, ensuring you have a wide choice when it comes to selecting items for your customers and clients.

Hudson Group offers eco-friendly promotional products

We also offer eco-friendly clothing

But what about promotional merchandise clothing? Well, we’re glad you asked! We can supply 100% organic cotton polo shirts and tee shirts that are among the most environmentally friendly promo clothing on the market today.

Choose also from cotton aprons, organic cotton baseball caps, baby grows, organic hoodies and more! The products are exceptionally comfortable and hard-wearing.

We also offer eco-friendly clothing

Ask us about sustainable promotional merchandise

To find out more about our eco-friendly and sustainable promotional merchandise and clothing, please get in touch. We’d love to help you find the perfect promotional gifts for your eco-minded clients, suppliers and customers.

And remember, there should be more to your greener campaign than buying and distributing eco-friendly products. Make sure your customers know your gifts are organic, so they appreciate your efforts. It’s also a subject you can add to your website or social media channels to help you grow your green credentials.

Ask us about sustainable promotional merchandise

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