Case Study: Hudson Promotional Gifts

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Promotional Merchandise’?

Did pens enter the mix?

In 2017, 75% of our Promotional Gift orders were for pens and although a highly sought-after product, it is the remaining 25% of merchandise that we want to tell you about – the cool and the quirky.

Our client, AutoRek, is a part of that 25%. We have been working alongside them since the inception of the promotional gift division into the Hudson Group. Without their keen interest to find what’s new in branded Merchandise, we may not have discovered the four-armed charging adaptor, ‘The Octopus.’

“My favourite piece of merchandise would have to be the Octopus. It catches people’s eye and is also a very useful item to have at hand. The octopus is also a favourite for the delegates who visit our stand and is usually one of the first items to be taken.” - Jessica, Marketing Assistant at AutoRek

Throughout our years of working together, we have sourced a wide range of cool and quirky products that the team at AutoRek use for conferences, training and events. These include Umbrella’s, Power Banks, Laptop Cases, Earphones, Speakers, USB’s, Stress Toys, Candy Canes... The list goes on.

Jessica explained to us why merchandise proves significant use to their brand;

“When we host our own events, it is essential to have branded items that people can use on the day and take away with them to use at a later date. We give out branded pens, notepads and USB’s at our hosted events for delegates to be able to take notes as well as take away copies of the presentation and our whitepapers on the USB. The notepad and pen works well as people have it sitting on their desk and see it on a daily basis, a daily reminder of who we are.

The merchandise we use from Hudson Group is used to reinforce AutoRek as a brand. We want our merchandise to be of high quality to reflect our high-quality products and services.

Hudson deliver extremely high-quality items in a timely manner. We have never been disappointed of the service we receive. The Hudson team are extremely easy to work with, efficient and provide good ideas of different products we can use to promote AutoRek as a brand.”

So in 2018, whether you are promoting a campaign, gifting your client or adding style to the office. Have a think about the products you are selecting – are they suited to your target audience? Do they have impact on the campaign you are launching? And most importantly, will they enhance your brand?

If you aren’t sure then please give us a call, our team would be more than happy to sit down and discuss the many cool and quirky options available to you!

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